So it goes...


Boulevard of Radioactive Dreams

Written by Amelia Velasco (violapunk) and Morgan Wolstencroft (silentasasongbird)

Vocals: Morgan Wolstencroft (silentasasongbird)

             Veronica Johansen

Guitar: Veronica Johansen

Viola: Amelia Velasco (

*shamelessly reblogs own video because goddammit people, love me!*






A Transgender’s Photo-a-Day Project

wow she’s pretty aaaaah

wow what a hottie


what a cutie omg

This is me before and after my workout in my apartment’s little gym almost 2 seconds from my apartment. I need to come here more often! It felt good to exercise especially after such a productive practicing day!!!

My expressions make them that much better.

I think I’ve found a new hobby….

I’m literally crying

Challenge Accepted, Amy!!!

Also, campus.

Update on life. Watch the video on youtube to participate in helping me choose a song to play next semester.

Also happy New Year ahahahaa

So, Tyler doesn’t like me.

I’m gonna be fine, it’s all good. It just hurts a little hearing it from him.


I was sad.

and now I am happy, because of this.

Me talking about my day where I did almost literally, nothing.